Will my money last?

What if I can't work?

Answer your client's big questions
with AdviceMap

Scenario Plan

Answer the big questions

Will I have enough money for retirement? Can I achieve my goals?
Nobody likes uncertainty. Alleviate your client’s anxieties with AdviceMap’s scenarios
and help them secure their financial future.

Answer the big questions

Make KiwiSaver Fly

Most people have no idea what kind of retirement income to expect from their KiwiSaver.
Should they increase their contributions OR is their KiwiSaver fund right for them?
Answer your client’s questions with our KiwiSaver scenario.

KiwiSaver Scenario

Show the consequence of choices

Does your client want to buy a new car? Or maybe retire 10 years earlier.
Visually show how different choices will affect the client’s financial future.

Consequence of choices

Plan for the unexpected

Life is full of unknowns. Build customised scenarios and model any type of event.
Show the outcome of unexpected life events to help your client plan for the unexpected.

What if

Your look and feel

Your logo, your words, your colours, your fonts…you decide.
change the style and wording of your advice to meet your needs.

Look and feel

Beautiful Advice on the iPad

The iPad is becoming the tool of choice for many advisors.
Take your coffee shop meetings to the next level with AdviceMap on the iPad.

AdviceMap iPad

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