Add a Campaign to my Website

One of the most useful feature of OMNIMax is the ability to add a client engagement registration link directly to your website or email marketing campaign. You are also able to track and monitor the success of your campaign.

Step 1 – Create a new Campaign

You can add a new campaign from either the ‘Dashboard’ or the ‘Campaigns’ menu by clicking on the ‘Add New Campaign’ button.

 Step 2 – Select the Engagement Template to use

Click on the engagement template that you want to use for this campaign. You can setup more engagement templates from the Settings –> Engagements menu.

Step 3 – Setup your Campaign Details

Enter a name that will help you identify the campaign, such as Marketing Website, or March Newsletter etc. Choose the default settings such as whether you will preselect a risk profile OR will allow the client to complete a risk profile then click on ‘Create Campaign >>’

Step 4 – using the link

Congratulations, you have now successfully created your campaign link.

You can now use this link on your website or email marketing campaign. To copy the link right click on the link and click ‘Copy Shortcut’ if using Internet Explorer OR ‘Copy Link Address’ if using Chrome.

When your client click on this link they will be taken directly to a page where they can register for the client engagement.

You can also monitor how many people have registered via the ‘Client Engagements’ menu.


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