Creating a new client engagement

Whether you want to engage with your prospective clients or add value to your existing clients…the engagement tools are for you.

Step 1 – Add a new Client Engagement

You can add a new client engagement from either the ‘Dashboard’ or the ‘Client Engagements’ menu by clicking on the ‘Add New Client Engagement’ button.

 Step 2 – Select the Engagement Template to use

Click on the engagement template that you want to use for this client. You can setup more engagement templates from the Settings –> Engagements menu.

Step 3 – Setup a new client

In this example we will show you how to setup a new client. Click on ‘Create New Client’ as shown below.

Step 4 – Enter the client details and engagement settings

Next you can enter the client details. You might like to issue a client engagement to yourself  so you can see what your client’s will experience. You can either select which risk profile that you will use for the client OR you can issue them with a risk questionnaire such as FinaMetrica to determine their risk profile.

Step 5 – Send the client email

Next send the email to the client by clicking on ‘Send Email’ at the bottom of the screen and click on ‘Finish’

Congratulations! You have issued your first Client Engagement!

You are able to monitor the progress of the client engagement via the ‘Client Engagements’ menu. The progress indicator shows you when the client has started and how far through the process they are.

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