How are the Goals funded?

Goal funding happens on a priority basis. To explain this, if there are four goals, the analysis will first try and full fund the priority one goal, and then if there is left over resources, it will attempt to fund the second goal and so forth. When the analysis finds how many goals can be funded, it then finds the specific amount of the partially funded goal that it can fund, while still keeping the higher priority goals at 100%.

The exception for this is when a goal has a resource dedicated to it, in this case it will be funded by the dedicated resource regardless of the goals priority.

When funding a goal, the goal first utilizes available Dedicated resources (resources that have been set only to fund that specific goal), then it uses available retirement income resources, and then it uses the available shared resources. (Though this order can be changed by configs…)

When there is more than one resource of the current type being utilized (e.g. three shared resources), the goal will take evenly from the resources where possible – there is no priority on which resource to take money from inside a resource group. (A resource group being ‘Shared resources’, ‘Retirement income’, or ‘Dedicated resources’)

If a goal occurs before the analysis period, it will not be included in the analysis. If a goal starts before the analysis period, but is still active, then the portion which is active is included in the analysis period.

The start and end years of a goal are inclusive, that is the start and end years will be years in which that goal is requiring funds.

The start and end years of a resource contribution are inclusive, that is the start and end years will be years in which the resource will be given funds.

Every year each resource is increased by the specified rate of return for each resource.

The contributions, interest payments and withdrawals from resources occur according to the ‘payment type’ set, either ‘beginning’ or ‘end’, which matches up the calculations with an excel PV or FV calculation.

When a resource is dedicated to a specific goal, and the goal has been funded, left over resource money in that resource either become shared resources for the remaining of the analysis, or can be defined as not used, or used as a dedicated resource for another goal.

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