Setup Quick Start Guide

The following guide will help you get up and running quickly using Omnimax software. You can access the following screens either from the setup wizard or from the settings tab.

Step 1 – Setting up your basic details

First let’s start by setting up your basic details. You can set your company name and also choose defaults for the retirement, life expectancy and rate of inflation.


Step 2 – Setting up your first engagement template

An engagement is a way of interacting with your client’s and prospects via either your website or email invitation. You are able to brand this however you like. Don’t worry if you can’t think of a name at this stage. Just choose one of the suggested names. You can always change this at a later stage via the Settings -> Engagements menu.

Step 3 – Defining your Risk Categories

OMNIMax uses 5 risk categories. Please feel free to rename these to the names that your company uses.

Also, you are able to set a rate of return (net of tax) that will be used against each of these risk profiles. Many research providers, such as MorningStar, provide this information alongside their recommended portfolios. If you don’t have this information now you can alway set it later via the Settings –> Risk Categories Menu.

Step 4 – Setting up the Risk Questionnaires

OMNIMax integrates directly with FinaMetrica and MorningStar risk profiling. FinaMetrica is currently offering a 3 month trial to OMNIMax customers. Only existing MorningStar customers are able to use the MorningStar questionnaire. Remember, you can always set these up at a later stage via the Settings –> Questionnaires Menu.

Step 5 – Asset Classes

Each company uses slightly different asset classes. Please feel free to rename / add or remove any asset class. You can also set an optional rate of return and risk for each of these. Remember, you can always do this at a later stage via the Settings –> Asset Classes Menu.

Step 6 – Asset Allocation

OMNIMax builds a default asset allocation template using the risk profiles and asset classes that you have entered. The default template allocates 100% of your assets to cash. Please enter your company asset allocation here. If you don’t have the information at this stage you can always do this later via the Settings –> Asset Allocation Menu.

Step 7 – Branding your Portal

Finally, you are able to change the colour of the portal and charts to match your company branding.

Pick the colour palette that you would like to use for your charts by clicking on one of the options as shown below. You will be able to see a preview of these charts at the bottom of the screen.

Next pick the main and secondary colour that you would like to use to brand your portal and click on update at the bottom of the page.

The portal will then be branded to your chosen colours.

When you are ready click on Continue >> and click on Finish >> to complete the setup. You are now ready to use OMNIMax…let’s get started…

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