Painless Data Gathering

Painless Data Gathering

Collecting data has been a major challenge but everyone has plans for the future, some are clearer than others. OMNIMax engagement tools create the emotional connect with your client as they explore the viability of their goals. The act of defining goals is motivational, leading to the client detailing their full situation.  ‘Know Your Client’ requirements are met and the  “raw” data provided forms the basis for a needs based valued-added advice service.

Motivation is critical in the early stages of an engagement which, in turn, empowers the client as they map out their goals and aspirations, aligning them with their financial resources. Confidence in the process and an appetite for advice is created. Engagement tools are a perfect solution for both new and existing clients. We all want to know how we are doing and how the future might unfold. Existing clients surprise you with full disclosure!

Outcome = a motivated client with a data set ready for advice!

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